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About Us Is a Long Story but I’ll Keep It Short

About Us shows Dr. Cuniff with a broad base of hiring and training experience
Dr. Don Cuniff
Home Based Business Doc

I’ve been around long enough to have spent time in the seminary, the Marine Corps, teaching at high school, college and graduate school levels, storefront business ownership, sales, training, management, coaching, corporate consulting and, of course, my favorite HOME BASED BUSINESS. My wife and I have had a home based business over a span of nearly 40 years.  Sometimes, I had a single table and chair and sometimes I’ve looked out over the pool.  Sometimes, I hardly worked and, sometime it seems, I never stopped working. Sometimes, I made a lot of money and sometimes we barely got by.  What was the difference.  Sometimes, I knew what I was doing and sometimes I had a great product, a sound process and a mentor who encouraged me to leverage all those assets to make my life and those I served better.

That’s what I am doing now as a Certified Professional Coach leveraging the asseets TW3. TerryWilson3.com is a treasure trove of great ideas, great tools, great training, and great opportunity.  Is it right for you?  If it is I’ll encourage you to join of us.  What matters to you is that we also offer hourly, salary, commissioned, and entrepreneurial opportunities.  That is what was professional coaches do.  My responsibility is to help you make a great decision.  I promise you I will do that.