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Health Insurance Doc

Health Insurance Doc is a career worth living
A Career Worth Living

Health Insurance Doc is the ultimate career professional home-based business opportunity. Everyone needs health insurance. That will never change. Fact is, the demand for knowledgeable health insurance professionals will only increase as the age of United States population increases.

Health insurance is a true profession. The Health Insurance Doc is a Florida-based organization that specializes in helping people match their health coverage needs to marketplace resources. Training is provided by both our carrier and by Dr. Don Cuniff, the Health Insurance Doc.

Health Insurance Doc Licensing

You are licensed in your State of Residence. You can, however, get licenses in each State through reciprocity and paying the State fee. Your license is actually a life and health license in all States. Your required to pass a background check and pass a State required test. In most States, you are required to complete additional courses to keep up with industry and State changes. Your insurance carrier and the Health Insurance Doc also require you to update your skill sets. Life and Health Insurance is a professional career.

Health Insurance Doc Application

The application process starts with a straightforward letter of interest. Basically, what we are looking for is:

  • Who Are You
  • What Have You Done
  • What Are Your Five Year Goals
  • What Have You Done to Understand the Realities of Being a Life and Health Agent
  • Contact Information

Email this information to   Don is a former educator and employee development consultant to businesses as small as sole proprietorships and as large is Fortune 500. He is also a former Marine SGT. You can rightfully infer from that he expects professionalism and doing things right.

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