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Wellness Positions

Is there a Home Based Business in Your Future
Look into Your Future

Home Based Business Doc helps you look out the window into your future.  Whether your goals is to earn a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars or over $100,000.  It has all be done before.

Summary of Current Opportunity


Both positions involve the hottest niche in home-based marketing. Training is provided for whichever position you choose.

  • Lead Generator
    • We provide Lead Gnerators with two marketing pieces.
      • 1 for persons
      • 1 for businesses
    • Literally everyone is a potential prospect.
    • If the person is interested in learning more, you have them complete a Contact Card (we also provide).
      • Expect 1-2 sales per 10 contact cards.
        • You are paid $50 per sale on sales 1-3.
        • You are paid $100 on sales 4-20.
        • You are paid $200 on sales 21 and over
      • Commissions are paid by Check or PayPal each week
        • We suggest you establish a PayPal account to receive your payment quicker
  • Distributor
    • As a Distributor, you sell your own leads.
      • Distributors are required to have a demonstration unit.  The cost ranges from $2500 to $6000.
      • You have the option of upgrading from a Lead Generator to a Distributor at any time that you feel ready.
        • Commissions range between $100 and $2000