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Cell Phone Messages Delivered SILENTLY and LEGALLY

RingLessPlus Voicemail Marketing

Ringless Plus Cell Phone Marketing Is a Winner!

RingLessPlus solves the problem that every business has.
How do I find my next customer at an acquisition cost that I can afford?

  • In-person sales calls has become outrageously expensive. 1099 Contractors have replaced commissioned employees.
  • Direct Mail likewise.
  • Email heads for the trash bin all too quickly.
  • Sales Calls to landlines meets with automatic hang ups or the DNC list.
  • Robo Calls to cell phones are illegal.
  • Individually Dialed Calls to cell phones must be pre-authorized.

What is left?  

RingLess Plus Cell Phone Marketing

The Solution

Winning with RingLess Plus is the norm
Message Arrived
and Welcomed!

RINGLESS cell phone messages are compliant with FCC, FTC, and CRTC regulations. The cell phone is not dialed and the cell phone does not ring. But the message is left.  This techno magic is called a Voicemail Drop.  Your recorded message is there waiting the next time the person “you called” checks their phone messages. How does it work? Your RingLess Plus Voicemail message is transmitted as an SMS message to the server but is delivered as voice message.

RingLess Plus Voicemail Marketing makes a positive, professional, cordial impression while making the all-important new business connection.  I think of it like a Tom Brady pass into the end zone with 7 seconds left on the clock. Touchdown!

Practice and Preparation Makes Winning Ways
Practice and Preparation Makes Winning Ways

This new technology is a proven solution that costs 2.5 cents per completed connection.  Someone must pick up, listen and respond for you to be charged. You set the number of messages you want to deliver per hour from 20 to 1000. Figure an average of 13 incoming calls per hundred voicemail drops.

Are you ready to leverage RingLess Plus Voicemail Messaging, to dramatically cut your lead costs while focusing in on prospective buyers whose demographics you KNOW?

RingLess Plus Track Record

It's all about getting attention
YES! This Is Important
I am listening.

96% of cell phone owners listen to a Ringless voicemail message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

The obvious question is WHY? My associates (CashSaver Ringless) and I have been working with RingLess Voicemail for over a year. We have sixty plus years of sales and marketing experience.  And 23 years of A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have never seen opening and response rates that can match RingLess Plus Voicemail Messaging  The data says it produces the highest profit per Ad Dollar invested in the market.

In 2017, you and consumers of all ages have smartphones. You receive voice messages all day and conceivably all night. Your RignLess Plus message starts as a curiosity.  “I didn’t hear my phone ring. I’d better listen to hear the message. Your message is clearly a professional and intriguing offer that deserves consideration. RingLess voicemails flat our works!

Your message recipients can be part of the 96% of Contacts listening to a RingLESS Plus Voicemail Message.

Make the Move from Outbound to Inbound Marketing

This is the flow of your RingLESS Plus Voicemail Marketing Campaign: 

  1. Upload your targeted cell phone numbers.
  2. Record and Upload your RingLess Plus voicemail script.
  3. Send your RingLess Plus voicemails.

Your calls are direct to your digital answering service ($12/month) with your motivating message. You have captured the callers number, name, preferred time for call back and their message. Follow-up is built-in to the program!

This is the flow of your New Business Prospect’s Experience: 

  • Where did this message come from?
  • Let me see what it says.
  • That’s a great offer.
  • Let me call.
  • OK, I left my request for information.
  • I’m looking forward to their call.

This is the flow of your RingLESS Plus Voicemail Marketing Response Handling: 

  • Incoming system records your prospect’s contact info.
  • You follow-up.
  • You set an appointment.
  • Your create a New Client.
  • You earn the profits.

Seriously, that is how it works.  Review the comparative costs below. Be sure to listen to the recordings of actual messages left by current RingLess Voicemail Clients.

RingLess Plus Costs versus Alternatives

Compare Your Costs to RingLess Plus Costs
Compare Your Costs to RingLess Plus Costs

A Few Samples of Current Client Messages

Industry Ringless Samples !RingLess Industry Samples BWhat business, organization, or individual does not need NEW CONTACTS? How can you achieve all this for less money and with more class? In traditional telemarketing, you are in total darkness. Who was not home? Who seemed interested but had conflicts? YOU are in total control of your data and process.

We are literally opening the Florida market as I type (June 29 2017 at 2:30pm.

My marketing plan is to reserve local marketing territories for my Clients for a minimum of 90 days per business type. I’ve chosen samples from client types with which I have contacts. I am sending an invite to one Client per business type June 29. The 2nd round of invites go out on June 31st.  (407) 961-2806.

Put Ringless Plus Voicemail Marketing  to work for you!

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