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Solar Savings? ABSOLUTELY!

Power Bill Solutions Solar Savings
The Solar Doc Teaches
How to Profit and Save with Solar

What do they say in detective stories when a major swindle has been committed? FOLLOW THE MONEY. The Solar Savings versus Electricity Rental Expense chart faithfully follows the money.
Solar Savings versus Power Company Rental Payments

Power Bill Rates constantly increase
Power Bills Increase Annually 5% TO 9%

The history of power bills is that they continue to increase at least once per year. Depending upon location and power company, the average increase is 5% to 9% per year.
Chart assumptions:  (Losses and Savings increase and decrease by amount of average power bill)
1. Average power bill of $150/month ($1800/year)
2. Average Increase of a conservative 5%/year.
1. The figure in RED at the bottom of the Power Bill column is the amount of money a homeowner flushes down the drain renting their electricity from the power company from 2016-2041.
2. The figure in GREEN at the bottom of the Solar Savings column is the amount of money that a homeowner banks over that same period of time by Going Solar in 2016.

Solar Investment produces savings, equity, and increasing property value
Solar Is an Investment that Saves You Tens of Thousands of Dollars

The strategy that produces that dramatic switch is to Convert Your Power Bill to Solar Equity™.

Ask yourself these 3 power bill questions:
1. How long have people been paying power bills?  Answer: Since 1881
2. How long have you been paying a power bill?  ANSWER: _______
3. What is the date your power bill is paid up like your mortgage is? ANSWER: NEVER.

That is every homeowner’s reality … EXCEPT THOSE GOING SOLAR!

Solar Savings is the best home improvement you can make
The Solar Doc Teaches How to Generate Solar Savings

Most solar sales presentations begin with a telemarketer talking you into having a door-to-door salesperson come to your home. We do NOT. believes in providing you with the information you need to consider by email and phone so that you can make your decisions in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home! YOU decide when it is time to talk in person!

How does that work?

  1. Enter your First Name(s) and email address in the form below.
  2. Receive a Step-by-Step Convert Your Power Bill to Solar Equity™ information packet by email. (Budget is not affected. Take NO money out of pocket.)
  3. Return Power Bill Solutions Home Survey.
  4. Discus your questions and review your responses by phone.
  5. Convert Your Power Bill to Solar Equity™ is a great option to consider?
  6. We arrange an appointment. We review the areas and devices that create your high electricity demand.
  7. We agree upon the most cost-effective solution that combines
    1. Minimizing the root causes of your high electricity demands and
    2. Configure you solar grid to provide the power for remaining demand
PES has 19 years of exemplary experience in commercial and residential electrical contracting including solar
Expert, Certified, Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Solar is all about electricity. That is our expertise. KNOW that we are Certified, Insured, Bonded and Licensed Electrical Residential and Commercial Contractors. We have over 19 years of exemplary experience. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Power Bill Solutions Solar Savings
The Solar Doc Teaches
How to Profit and Save with Solar

I am Don Cuniff, The Solar Doc. Other than solar, my professional background is as a teacher at the high school, undergraduate and graduate schools levels and as corporate consultant to companies as small as sole proprietor and as large as Fortune 500. Our combined track record is doing things right the first time, each time, every time . That is our commitment to you.

Learn How to Convert Your Power Bill Payment to Solar Equity. Stay within Budget. NO Money out of Pocket!


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